Episode 9 – Staycation

Hello beautiful makers! In this episode I share lots of yarny goodness, how I’ve broken my cross-stitching drought, discuss my recent staycation and announce the winners of the Comic Con CAL and 900 Subscriber Giveaway. Enjoy, and thank you for watching!

Tea Time
Tea Pigs Earl Grey

What I’m sewing
Nada joy BUT am super inspired by Kristin’s (voolenvine) latest projects!

What I’m cross-stitching
Satsuma Street – Forest pattern

Finished Objects
A H.O.! (Half Object) – The Doctor’s Socks

Love of Spiders & Wilber Shawl

Architexture Scarf

My cup of tea  / Fancy Jane Austen Socks

Super Hero Pixel Rise Socks

Prize time!
Winners Announced for the Comic Con CAL and 900 Subscriber Giveaway

Winners, please direct message me on Ravelry with your mailing address and/or contact info! Congrats and thank you all for participating!

Cat Sandwich Fibers mini’s from my friend Margaret
Tim Burton Yarn Club from A Homespun House

In the Queue
Don’t Touch Those Leaves by Debby Reece debbyreece
Barley hat by Tin Can Knits
Cozy Memories blanket – with black border a la Vikki daviksta of the Sweet Leaps podcast
Littlest Democrat Donkey Chart Sweater by Franklin Habit

What I’m Jonesin’ For
Sock blanks by AndreSue of AndreSueKnits
ALL OF THE YARN from Legacy Fiber Arts
Kay’s (of theBakery Bears podcastGolden Holbrook Shawl
The Magicians on SyFy
Star Wars Sweater by Natalie Meredith

Backstage Knitting
Pictures & Video from my staycation, my sister’s baby shower, Rosie Rally 2016 and a lovely crafter noon in the city 🙂

More info about the Rosie’s can be found at http://www.rosietheriveter.org

Podcast love revolving_hearts
LOVE all the “OG” podcasters who returned in the last couple of weeks:
Maria (mmontzka) of Stitched in Sweden
Kemper (wraybot) of Junkyarn
Molly (AHomespunHouse) of A Homespun House

Wonderful Vlogs by podcasts
Katie (misslavelli) of Inside Number 23
Mina (mina86) of Knitting Expat
Ally (allyknits312) & Abby (aotto) of Get Lit and Knit

A HUGE thank you to the following podcasters who gave me a shout out in the past weeks.
Vikki of Sweet Leaps
Barbara (knittingILove) of KnittingILove
Sarah (Shepz3) of The Dabbling Shepherdess

Periscope fun
Shannon (shannonfisher) of Soxcetra
Helen (Helenhg69) & Mary Beth (marybeth494) of The Crafty Toads

New to me podcasts (Cuz I’ve been living under a rock!)
Oh Loops with Lydia (Lydia) & Sarah (sarahstevens)
Fiber Pusher with Benita (basicallybenita)
Dingo Dyeworks with Petah (-chookgirl-)
KilltoCraft with Vanessa (Killtocraft)
DivaKnitz with Alicia (DivaKnitz)

Other lovely podcasts mentioned
Grocery Girls
Legacy Knitz
Geeky Girls Knit
Hey Sister Podcast
Spicy Homemaker
S{tr}inging It Together

Shops mentioned
Mrs Browns Bags
Little Skein in the Big Wool
Sucre Sucre Miniatures
Clemes & Clemes
Chicken Boots
The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
Exchanging Fire by Lady Danio
The Fawn and the Fox thefawnknits
Hey Lady Hey
Hue Loco

KALs mentioned
Grocery Girls: Second Sock of Summer KAL & Canada Day KAL
Pixel Rise KAL
Hey Sister Hat KAL

Thank you so much for joining me! Stay tuned for the next episode. If you enjoyed the show please subscribe and hit the ole thumbs up!

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