Episode 19 – Squirelly

Tea Time
Shocker! Earl Grey – Mighty Leaf Tea

Community Corkboard

WELCOME to new and returning viewers! I mention the winners of Grammy’s Giveaway (check out Episode 17 for the winners) and that the Pumpkin KAL winners all accounted for. A reminder to check out the Discount and Coupons and Ask Away threads in the group!

Finished Objects
Pussy Hat #5 for me!

Works in Progress (WIPs)
Falling Water Scarf by Bonnie Sennott

In the Queue

What I’m Jonesin’ For
STITCHING! Enabled/inspired by Sue (knit24
and Andi (AndreSue! Learning more about
Hardanger embroidery or “Hardangersøm”.

In the Postie

Backstage Knitting
Chat about various things that happen this past week, and what is coming up in the week ahead!

A few links to a things I mentioned

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