Episode 35 – Adventures in Sewing

Filmed on Monday, May 29

Community Corkboard ( 7:42 )
Works in Progress ( 10:54 )
Cross Stitch Corner ( 21:25 )
Sewalicious ( 26:00 )
Ask Away ( 47:00 )
Backstage Knitting ( 50:19 )
Tea Time
COFFEE! (Oh the irony. stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye)

Community Cork Board

WELCOME to all new and returning viewers!

Community Cork Board – Discounts and shop highlights from makers

  • Amanda of Little Bitty Delights just updated her shop with summer time themed Clay stitch markers and progress keepers. Use the code SUMMERHIGHNOTES15 when you order! This coupon is good all summer (August 31st, 2017)!
  • Karen of Sunny Side Handmade makes stitch markers, progress keepers and lots of cute goodies. She had offered a 20% coupon good until May 28, so I hope many of you were able to take advantage of that before it expired!
  • Susanne, who is zantalluri on Ravelry, has just released a new pattern called My Best Friend Cowl. This is written in honor of her mother who passed away in 2011 from colon cancer. Each section is honoring a memory of her mother. In celebration it is $3 off through May 28th. Hope you were able to see that as well, but do check out the pattern too!

Finished Objects
None this week

Works in Progress (WIPs)

Cross Stitch Corner
Forest by Satsuma Street – I made a bit of progress this week. Finished one tree, and started another. I swapped out my needle minder too, which I love! It’s by A Needle Runs Through It

Sorbetto Top by Colette – I made a (giant!) muslin. Ha! Will be making another one, two sizes smaller. And then will make one out of the coral fabric. 🙂 Have LOVED sewing again, and am so happy I brought down a folding table to cut on. I feel like I have my sewing space going now! Here is a link to the blog about making bias tape.

I bought some Simplicity patterns along with my mega bolt of muslin (5 patterns for $5! Had to do it!) Some are for a potential comic con costume. 🙂 The pattern numbers are:

From the Postie
Nada this week!

Ask Away
Fanny asked “How do you keep your stash? Is it organized in any particular way or just whichever way it fits? 🙂 Also, are you planning to participate in stash dash this summer?”

Backstage Knitting
Thank you all so much for your kind and heartwarming words about losing our dear dog Hildi this past week. It’s been difficult, and I (and my family) still have moments where we remember she is no longer here and it’s a bit like a punch in the gut – but I know the pain will get softer with time, and take comfort that she is no longer in pain. I’m thankful for having the time to go up and be with my family, since I was on staycation this week. I did a bit of purging, but not as much as I had intended. It was a start though!

Thank you so much for joining me! Stay tuned for the next episode. If you enjoyed the show, subscribe and you’ll be alerted when new episodes are uploaded!

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