Episode 38 – Operation Avon Calling

Filmed on Saturday, July 8, 2017

Community Cork Board ( 7:50 )
Works in Progress ( 18:25 )
Cross Stitch Corner ( 26.54 )
Sewalicious ( 29:28 )
In the Queue ( 54:19 )
From the Postie ( 56:10 )
Backstage Knitting ( 1:03:27 )

Tea Time
Water in my “Create” mug from Berkeley Rep. I show gifted tea from local Berkeley, CA company, Teance

Community Cork Board

WELCOME to all new and returning viewers! I give a shout out to all those who have introduced themselves the past few weeks in the Intro Thread

Community Cork Board – Discounts and shop highlights from makers

Finished Objects
None this week!

Works in Progress (WIPs)
Gilead Pullover by Lelia Raabe. This is being made for the Summer Garment KAL – May 1 to August 31 (WIPs allowed!)

Outlander KAL update
Prizes will announced in the next episode, or a separate video! 🙂 Thank you for your patience, as I go through this job transition!

Cross Stitch Corner
I didn’t work on my project this week, because I was sewing! But did want to thank those who gave some fantastic tips on how to get my stitches more ‘even’. One person suggested looking into railroad stitches, and also to still use a frame but maybe smaller to help it be more portable. Thank you!

Sewalicious – Operation Avon Calling
With my mom and I made Simplicity 8246: a 1960’s dress and jacket, for Comic Con!

In the Queue

  • I’ll be bringing my Comic Sock Blank to make socks during Con. This is one I purchased from the amazing AndreSue
  • The moment Grace (Vanawillemiel) showed me this, it’s been in the top of queue! Wonder Woman Wrap by Carissa Browning

From the Postie

Backstage Knitting
I’ve said goodbye to my old job, and now am quickly preparing for my new job at the San Francisco Opera! During the last week of June we had our final concert series at the SF Symphony. Now, I’m preparing for Comic Con in San Diego! The schedules have been coming out for each day, and I’m planning planning planning!

Thank you so much for joining me! Stay tuned for the next episode. If you enjoyed the show, subscribe and you’ll be alerted when new episodes are uploaded!

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