Episode 40 – Creative Surge

Filmed on Saturday, August 5, 2017

Tea Time – totally forgot it this time, but was just drinking water. πŸ™‚

Welcome to all new and returning viewers! And a shout out to those who introduced themselves in the Introductions thread

Works in Progress (WIPs)

Cross Stitch Corner

No work this week on my Forest by Satsuma Street. BUT soon! Am going to take part in an impromptu, casual stitch along in the Cross Stitch Corner thread here in the group of the Alpine pattern by Satsuma Street

What I’m Jonesin’ For

  • I’m wanting/needing a solid color, everyday shawl or cowl for work – either black or light grey/cream. Am thinking the Void shawl.
  • I’d like to make a worsted weight, easy to make sweater. The Boxy and Soirée are lovely, but too….boxy. Ha! I received a lot of suggestions for the Veronika Cardigan by Shannon Cook. Tracie of the Grocery Girls Podcast just made that! Love it – but still looking for a pullover. Karleen suggested I see spring by Joji – so that is in the running. A few Alicia Plummer patterns were suggested, and I found In Stillness, which I LOVE, but would need to adjust pattern for bust size. I also like Edgartown Light, which is DK weight and am not sure made in the round. I loved the idea of a cropped sweater, but am looking for something more casual right now. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE IDEAS!

In the Queue

From the Postie/GIVEAWAYS!

Community Cork Board

  • Check out the Community Cork Board thread for all the lovely shops I mentioned, and their offerings. πŸ™‚
  • Giveaway Winner for Skein of Thrones – announced next episode!
  • Reminder to reach out to me re: Outlander KAL – still have to hear from two winners.

Backstage Knitting

I chat about some random things, including the joy of finding my creative mojo again, and the need to nurture it with a major purge of stuff (which was put off a few months ago).

Thank you so much for joining me! Stay tuned for the next episode. If you enjoyed the show, subscribe and you’ll be alerted when new episodes are uploaded!

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