Episode 44 – Rhinebeck Prep

Filmed on Sunday, October 8

Tea Time
New mug from Remembrances Pottery

Welcome to all new and returning viewers!

Finished Objects – HO!

Works in Progress (WIPs)

From the Postie — sort of!

  • Last Monday, I got to meet and spend sometime with David (DogDare Podcast) which was so AWESOME! He gave me a lovely and super generous gift that include a bag from The Limitless Crafter on Etsy, a skein of Life in the Longrass yarn, and a skein of Madeline Tosh. THANK YOU DAVID!
  • 3rd installment of the Harry Potter Club from A Homespun House and charm from Sucre Sucre Miniatures
  • Surprise birthday gift from Margaret – AHHH! Goodies from Waffle Flower and A Needle Runs Through It, both in collaboration with The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery

Community Cork Board & Giveway winners
Discounts & highlights which can be found here, and 2 Giveaway winners were announced.
I also mention a new favorite YouTube channel – Lavender & Leeks

Backstage Knitting

Thank you so much for joining me! Stay tuned for the next episode. If you enjoyed the show, subscribe and you’ll be alerted when new episodes are uploaded!

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