The return of blogging?

I’m feeling the urge to start a blog…like….big time urge.

I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe it’s because I’ve been listening to podcasts like Blogtacular? Maybe it’s because I’ve recently been reading and enjoying a variety of blogs? Or maybe it’s to gain a sense of control over what I post – over my content.

Increasingly so, it seems like we have to rent a space on social media in order to take part in it or we have to deal with a constant barrage of ads. I guess this was inevitable. As these large networks grow, it costs even more money to maintain them – which means ad revenue is a sad must. Or, like in the case of YouTube, you have an option to subscribe and cut out the noise, pretending that the platform is free like in the good ol’ days.

Oh the good ol’ days of watching cat videos without an ad about tampons first. […sigh…]

But I’m really feeling the urge to write. To hone my voice for ‘the page’.

Most of my career as a fundraiser has been to write in the voices of other people. Or to write specifically for the purpose of “winning someone over” – to advocate for an organization or a particular show.

Vloging or podcasting comes somewhat naturally to me, because I’m just….speaking. It’s all top of mind with some prep work ahead of time.

I’d like my writing to have the same ease and flow as podcasting. And because it’s in “print” my hope is that my thoughts and observations will become more articulate.

Blogging is an opportunity to be more thoughtful in what I say and choose to present to the world…or the few people who read this (Hi Mom!).

I also hope that blogging will be a respite from a world that is increasingly reactive. We now live in a constant reactionary state (insert like button here!) which is only fed by daily social media use.

While I don’t like this side effect, I am so grateful for what social media has provided and continues to provide – a sense of community that knows no borders or time zones. The knitting and making community has had a profound effect on my life, and that is due in large part to social media platforms!

All that being said, I’ve stated the positive of starting to blog again. Now let’s look at the “worry list”:

  • I will censor myself too much in my writing, and get writers block
  • I won’t be as open and vulnerable as I am (or try to be) on YouTube
  • Everyone will now see that I can’t spell worth sh*t and that I write in pure colloquialisms (the latter of which should be of no shock if you watch the podcast.)
  • I will undoubtedly have to engage with ‘haters’ in the comments section. Blerg.

….I have to say I thought that list would be much longer.

I think this means it’s time to give this blogging thing a go!

This could be a potential #100dayschallenge, but I think that if I blog each day it would turn into a glorified personal journal, which is not what I’m going for.

I want to tell a specific story in each post, in a way that I can’t do on Instagram or on YouTube.

In terms of frequency, it might be every day. It might be once a week, or every other month. There will be a blog post when I have story to tell.

It will be about what I’m making, the music I’m singing that week, the dog I saw on the street in the morning – anything and everything is up for grabs.

Dudes…I am pumped! Let this blogging adventure begin!

3 thoughts on “The return of blogging?

  1. Sandra Licher says:

    Love your podcast and I have a blog that I just mentioned you in. I belong to a group on Ravelry where we have a Year of Projects that begins July 1 and goes for a year. This is my 6th year..we post once a week usually on Sunday’s and we cheer each other on in our projects whatever they might be. Anyway, I have been knitting about as long as you and Mena Phillips and yet my skills are no where near either one of yours. So, I have decided that you and Mena and Amber of The Yarn Hoarder podcast are my mentors this year! LOL! I’m thinking that if I do the projects that you 3 have done then I will have the same skill set, hopefully and my knitting will improve by leaps and bounds! Just thought you should know! LOL! I already signed up for the Falling Leaves class that you took by Debbie Stoller and have ordered my materials. I am determined to be a good if not great knitter and you and Mena and Amber are going to help me! LOL! Don’t worry….there is no responsibility on your part, I will just be stalking your project page and your show notes. I hope you continue to blog as then we can actually, sort of , have a conversation. I love your projects, your enthusiasm and your positive outlook on things. Thank you so much for the inspiration and motivation to become a better knitter just like you!

    Liked by 1 person

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