My name is Joanna. I am an opera singer and arts administrator in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m also a rabid knitter and maker, and the host of Stitching the High Notes,  a video podcast about knitting, sewing, cross stitching, music, backstage shenanigans and all things crafty!

This website is an extension of the YouTube channel, and is the place to find show notes for each episode. It’s also another place to gather as a community of makers.

A little more about me

I come from a family of seamstresses and yarn artists. My mother was a seamstress in her early life, my great-grandmother was a seamstress and worked for Singer, and my Grammy was a seamstress and is an amazing fiber artist.

When I was young, my craft of choice was cross stitch. In 2004, while I was in grad school, I found that I needed a craft that was a bit more portable and could easily be done during rehearsal and between scenes. So, I taught myself how to knit! I loved it, but life as a student soon took over, and I became even busier as I pursued the gypsy life of a musician. Sadly knitting fell by the wayside.

Cut to today, and I’m rooted in the Bay Area as a local singer and arts fundraiser, and in 2014 a sort of ‘making renaissance’ took hold in my life.

I made friends with a fellow singer who loves to sew costumes and attend wonderfully nerdy events such as themed balls, renaissance fairs, comic cons, you name it! (Side Note: I am a HUGE nerd, and proud of it!)IMG_7607

I soon was called to learn to sew. When I decided to do so, it dawned on me that I already had a teacher…my mother! She is now retired, so the timing was perfect. It has been wonderful to watch her rediscover her love of sewing. And I am so lucky to be able to soak up all of her amazing knowledge!

Then, in late 2014, I once again felt the need for a portable craft to do during my long rehearsal days & nights (I get squirrelly if I’m not making something each week!).

Enter the wonderful world of knitting. With the help of online tutorials, friends and family, I have dived head first into yet another craft obsession.

And man……am I obsessed!

I look forward to sharing projects here, and to sharing my journey as I discover this wonderful world of fiber arts!

💗 Joanna